After ALL the inner work you've done, why are you STILL feeling so trapped and unhappy?

The deep shift you crave is real and attainable. And i can show you how to find what you've been looking for all this time.



I work as a catalyst with women aged 27-57 who are “at The Crossroads” with big choices to make, (especially around the astrological times of Saturn Return 27-29/ 55-57 and Uranus Opposition 40-42).

You may be feeling so much rides on your choices… that even if you had the courage to act on your deep desires, it’s selfish to do what you want if it affects others…

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I can show you how to RELAX into becoming the peaceful, vibrant and soul-satisfied being you have always privately known yourself to be but struggled to express…

So you can confidently make the decisions that create a life of joy and real meaning...


A life that gives you a warm secret smile and allows you to overflow the blessing of your presence and talents to the people you love and the causes you care about.


I’m going to ask you a question, and I’m requesting that you please don’t hit me, but hear me out!

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Does your life feel like an intriguing dance between human experience and divine guidance every single day?

I mean like a magnificently designed game of hide and seek and unfolding magic?


If that’s not your experience then you’ve probably just been seeing through human eyes so long that you’ve forgotten who you really are.

I say that because the experience of magic is innate to our kind and accessible to all of us, once we remember.


Every single (amazing-though-she-hardly-knows-it) woman I work with is running a distorted energy pattern that is survival based and typically below 200 on the vibrational scale

(Pay close attention to this map below as this is what I’m talking about. I teach and coach living above that 500 line).

map of consciousness.jpeg

And yet when we laser in on what is true for her, she resonates somewhere above 600.

Which basically means her natural state is the heights of unconditional love, peace and real joy and the low vibrational reality she feels “stuck” in is intolerable.


But she doesn’t know HOW to bridge the gap and live it consistently.

And every time she does jag it she’s barely begun to enjoy feeling good before she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If this sounds like you, then I want you to know that this low-vibe loop you feel stifled by is not your fault, merely a survival adaptation that comes with wearing human flesh and a lifetime of trying to keep physically, emotionally and psychically safe.


And what I really want you to take in is, just because it’s been  intimately familiar to you for so many years, doesn’t mean it's True. Or that you have to keep it.

You just need to know HOW to let it go - drop the clutch and shift gear!

You probably have loads of awareness around your own “stuff” already and have already made a massive effort to “shift” it.


But the plain fact is - if your body - (your bio-neural circuitry) is running a pattern for the express purpose of keeping you safe (and I truly mean safe - happy doesn’t matter in a survival sense, just safe),

Then until you can convince your body that something else is safer you will always revert to the default pattern.

No matter how many enlightening books you’ve read,

No matter how many trainings and retreats you’ve participated in, or how many temples you've prayed in,

No matter how many healings have given you temporary relief,

No matter how much you truly want what you say you want.

Because this dominant pattern will allow you to search for the answers and allow you to have your epiphanies, but then it will gaslight you. Every time.


Even when you’ve done enough to make headway and real progress in your relationship with self and others, you know the next time you’re strongly triggered you’ll fall straight back in that hole and all you can do is document it as you go down…

Your meditation or yoga practice is really good for you, you feel it. But when times get really stressful you practice less, not more.


Ghandi cracked it. He was apparently one of those beings who managed to hold a frequency over 700 consistently. I’m paraphrasing but he said something like “usually I meditate for two hours each morning, but when I have a particularly stressful day ahead I meditate for four hours.” - who does that???!

So, blame off. You have actually done your best every given day and you’ve tried so damn hard that sometimes you just want to give up - you know “someone please stop the planet so I can get off!”  


Not classically suicidal, but your thoughts can go pretty dark when you’re in suppressed existential panic.

I know hon, it sucks.

I remember my girlfriend innocently asking “how are you?”

And heard myself answer “nothing a little lead bullet behind my right ear wouldn’t fix.”

And as I said it I was so sick of hearing my own voice sounding so morose!

But the good news is it doesn’t have to stay that way. I got my liberation and you can too.


Everything you need to reclaim your sovereignty i.e. your freedom and personal power is wisdom you were born with.

And when you finally do reclaim your natural state, you’ll be better for it and so will everyone you care about.


All you need is the right guidance to wake up what you already know, return your default setting to Truth and learn to trust yourself again.

Sounds so simple hey?

You may think at this point that the reason nothing has worked so far, is YOU. But actually you’ve been keen on the scent, following the breadcrumb trail this whole way to this one last little piece...


that you’ve been setting yourself up to find in this now-perfect timing.

If you’re ready now to reconnect at the deepest level possible - to yourself and  to the Universe...


to finally be in flow and enjoying the dips and turns of the dance because you know you’re living a life of unfolding miracles… then keep reading because I have something you’ll love.

Do you have the courage to become your truest self who actually lives a life of blessings and miracles?

If so then we should talk.


You need to have the courage to take the first step and connect over the phone with me - just to talk about your situation and what is possible for you...

I know that can feel freaky but I promise you will feel really safe with me really fast.

Your body will scream with resistance just thinking about doing this, and try to talk you out of it. So you’re just going to have to hold yourself tight and say “I love you for trying to keep me safe, but doing this is going to make us safer.”

And then book a time. And then show up for the call.

I’ll hold you from there.

In our 20min time together, we can take a look at your situation with fresh eyes, assess where you're at from an energetic viewpoint and reframe the way you're perceiving it so you can decide what to do next from a place of clarity.

You'll leave the call with a fresh perspective and if you decide you want to take it further with me we can talk about what that would look like.

Even if you feel yourself wanting to book a time with me right now, there’s probably going to be a little voice telling you why you can't: You don't have time. She'll try and sell you. You can't afford it. You don't trust yourself. This is for other people, not you. You're selfish to put your needs and wants first. These are the usual! I never proceed with offering a coaching package unless its a clear YES from both of us, so you're totally safe from being pressured if that has happened to you in the past. It's not my style.

What is IN THE WAY… IS the way…”


So whatever comes up, just write it down on a piece of paper and book the call with me anyway.

Will you spend time and money in many ways for the benefit of others - on groceries, on a child, to surprise a partner… but have strict rules about spending time and money on yourself - just enough to keep you going? 

Is investing in true change and true support a place you haven’t dared to go yet? 

You probably think of it as selfish indulgence. To say yes to investing in yourself is what you do when you truly value yourself and that is still shaky ground...

But if you've been last on your own priority list for too long, is it time for that to change?

I tell you true - everyone you love will benefit from a happier, more fulfilled you.

And that starts with your ability to see things clearly so you can move toward solutions.

Maybe THIS is your moment to firmly place your foot on that path...

Of every hundred women reading this there's probably only one who’s really ready. If you know you’re that one I want you in.

So don't over-think it. This is just a 20min call. A baby step towards inner freedom. And you'll leave the call with the insight and perspective none of us can get when we're too close to our own stuff.

"Thankyou Giselle, its just crazy how with your help I can get to the root of things that I have felt on the cusp of, but it's like you're shining a light on it so I can see it clearly now."

- Calla (R.N.), mother, writer, intuitive

And if not, then I still totally love you and I’m here to just be with you until you get that YES. If there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way it's that the timing is always perfect. No pressure from me. Only from you.

‘Cos how much longer can you handle rattling along the way you are? What does that do for your loved ones? And what would your future self say if we asked her?


My promise to you is that I can help you to actually become the version of yourself that you really like by showing you paths of natural ease rather than paths of struggle, so that the outcomes are a win-win-win rather than a lose-lose-lose.

If we decide to work together I will hold your hand as you shift your default setting from that distorted pattern <200 to your natural 600+ pattern of peace, love, inspiration and joy. And we will laugh along the way as we untangle the threads that have you bound like a kitten in wool.

Smiling RedHead.JPG

I’ll let you know now - You will have to make a decision on the inside, you will have to show up, and you will have to put in some time, but it's as easy as sharing your story with me at my kitchen table over a cup of tea.

You won’t have to relive all your past pain, it’s not a lot of “work” - in fact it feels more like play, and you will get your lightness of being back. Then learn how to lock it in.

I’ve walked this path ahead of you, figuring it out as I go so that I can guide you much more cleanly and swiftly.

Is this your first time "meeting" me?

I’ve always moved on a different track to the mainstream and taken the path less travelled. But my street cred to be able to offer this transformation to you is in the journey I’ve taken since August 2008 when I was 6 months pregnant with our fifth child and my soul mate was diagnosed with a rare cancer.


He left the planet in 2010 and became my eagle spirit guide. I went gypsy in the wilds of Australia with our young children. Over the next several years I steadily took off all the rules and walked a path of radical self-love until I found my way back to emotional freedom.

At first I just felt chewed up and spat out by life, but now I feel juicy, adventurous, curious and like my life is all mine. The horizon is always intimating new and interesting challenges and I’m ever evolving my experience of peace and freedom.


I walk my talk every day. My chosen experience is that my life is perfect and it can only be differently perfect from here.

And now we meet because I’m here to take a stand for women who are in exactly the position you are in now. Not feeling that resilience and unconditional love for life but yearning to. That’s what I went through the cosmic washing machine for.

Only you can know what’s right for you, but I can help you KNOW what you know LOUD and CLEAR!

What I’m offering you is definitely not for everybody. It’s for women who are ready to be off the roller coaster like yesterday. Women who:

  • Feel like they’re at the crossroads and the choices they make now really matter;

  • Have experienced being high-vibe and remember how that flow of synchronicity feels… but its like a distant dream… they can’t get back there;

  • Are over the drama and can't stand feeling this way another minute;

  • Have always felt deeper than others around them and known there’s more to reality than meets the eye;

  • Really wish they could wave a wand and heal the planet and its people;

  • Have just enough self-worth to know the value of investing in themselves and will commit to a payment plan if they don’t have the full sum right now;

  • Are fiercely independent and really want to be able to fill their own cup;

  • Know that happiness, peace and abundance are an inside job and ready to take radical responsibility even though they don’t know how.

It’s definitely not for women who don’t want to implement, who are emotionally addicted to drama, who have a $100 limit on self-investment, ONLY buying wine to numb the pain or a massage to cope better, or who don’t really believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is like Niagara Falls waiting for you to step under and make your life amazing.


If you’re getting a YES this IS for me, then apply here for a free call to talk about it with me - because I only work with clients when it’s a mutual YES.

And we start with just getting a bit of clarity on your situation and exactly what shift is needed for you.

All I need from you in order to be an effective catalyst to your liberation is your trust, your desire and your story.

All you need from you is your emotions, your ability to discern and your free will to choose.

We both show up, magic happens.

If you’re sort of intrigued but not really ready then I have really powerful free resources for you to download on my free gifts page. Please head there and help yourself!

Or if you need a little more reassurance about me please feel free to click around my website and grab the freebies so you can hear my voice and meet me on video.

I have thirty years experience of working 1:1 with people, a calm presence that makes you feel safe and loved, and a natural ability to cut through the confusion and see the energetic logic of what is really going on.

And -

As a single mother unschooling five amazing wild things far from the white noise of modern life, I only have real, grounded, practical and actionable tools to offer and a laser ability to connect the dots and cut through the b.s.

[No fluffy spiritual bypassing or $2000 meditation cushions blessed by unicorn farts here!] 

Believing in You,