Vision. Sovereignty. Alignment. Fulfilment.

90-Day Coaching

artist unknown

artist unknown

.Break free from old patterns

shift into a higher vibrational gear

feel empowered to take inspired action towards your visions

create a new personal reality

Choose this if:

  • You want to steadily go from struggle to (at least) okay;
    • or from reasonably content to THRIVE;
  • You have accidentally given your personal power away to others and want to claim back sovereignty over your own experience;
  • You're ready for a Powerful New Beginning;
  • You have a few internal knots that could do with some untangling;
  • You watch yourself staying stuck, and feel very frustrated;
  • You suspect you have some blind spots on your own stuff or hidden layers you haven't been able to shift;
  • You would like ongoing guidance, support, reassurance and inspiration for the layers that come up when you start shifting energy and realigning your life;
  • You know it's time to invest in yourself so that you can be of greatest benefit to yourself and others;
  • You know happiness and peace come from within and you are ready to  steadily claim yours. 

What's included:

  • My heart and soul focused on your empowerment and transformation;
  • 4 x 2hr intensive life-design calls (every 3 weeks):

VISION: in this session we laser in on the qualities you desire to bring into your experience and together design an EFT practice that organically moves your internal feeling from where you are now, bound by old patterns... to where you want to be, no longer constricted by them. You leave this session with a daily practice that we co-write and a plan for extreme self-care.

SOVEREIGNTY: in this session we design a daily mindset practice tailored to your specific needs so that you can centre the power over your experience back in yourself, and begin each day energetically open to trusting yourself, trusting Life, able to recognise intuitions and synchronicities and available to move into inspired action;

ALIGNMENT: by this stage many things have clarified for you that were previously clouded by confusion. In this session we adjust and align your EFT practice to match your clarified vision;

FULFILMENT: in this session we focus on inspired but practical strategies to achieve your vision, moving into the future. By this stage you are proficient at recognising and undoing your triggers, and re-orienting your energy with just a little support from me. 

  • 8 x 45min support calls (weekly calls between design calls):
    • Situations that have you lost as to how to respond and emotional baggage will come up as we work together and unravel your energetic knots. It's totally normal. These 2 calls between design sessions are there as your safety net and can be used for WHATEVER YOU NEED as required. Expect to leave these calls feeling supported, reassured, inspired and with an action step that feels good to you to fulfil before our next call.
  • All calls recorded so you can listen back;
  • email support;
  • Accountability, as your insurance against procrastinating and sliding back into old patterns;
  • INCLUDED BONUS distance energy clearing/healing session from my own personal healer (value $250);
  • INCLUDED BONUS my core process Personal Reality Alchemy to use forevermore;
  • The assurance of future support: continuation coaching packages and one-off coaching sessions can be purchased after our 90 day journey if desired. 

your investment: AU$3600

(+gst for Australian residents - sorry)

payment plans available

Apply for a complimentary Clarity Call to explore working together

* Let me know if you also need a money manifesting call. The Universe is bountiful... resources come from the most unexpected places when there is great need and desire...

Love and Delicious Alchemy,