Imagine actually feeling comfortable in your own skin...

Peace no matter what...

Tapping into your natural (high) vibration is the key

Short Version

Do you want to know why I got good at this vibration thing?

It's pretty simple.

When my man was first diagnosed with a rare, virulent cancer I said "don't you fucking dare leave me a widow with five children!" (I was 6 months pregnant).

He said "I won't"... and he hasn't.

After he "died" I could feel his presence and perceive all of the subtle ways he communicated with us... but only when I was good.

"Good" meaning in Flow, in Now, no resistance, 500+ on the scale (unconditional love / joy / peace)

If I dropped down I was a vibrational mis-match to where he was communicating from. And then I couldn't feel or perceive the magic anymore. Just desolation.

The gap was too wide.

He'd returned to Source, so only I could close that gap by rising to meet him. And then making that "magical" communication #normalfamilylife for our children.

We spent 17 yrs together with souls entwined. I know his energy signature intimately.

That's why his dead body in the next room was so odd when his essence was so palpably wrapped around us, like dense golden light that felt just like being held for real.

In those early weeks he wouldn't leave us alone until we were laughing, or at least smiling. So many stories to tell about how he influenced things from non-physical.

For me, learning the nuances of reaching a high vibration and maintaining it NO MATTER WHAT was a no-brainer.

There was no other choice for me. But you're welcome to read between the lines on whether that was all smooth sailing.

That was 2010. That's a lot of moments since then that I've been experientially studying this moment to moment.

And he & I are still working together. His passion was always protecting the natural environment. My genius was always bringing people to empowerment and freedom. People at true Peace don't harm each other or ravage the planet. They make it a better, more beautiful place to be...

So catalysing raising vibration - both restoring high vibe individuals to their natural frequency, and assisting the shift in collective consciousness - is why I'm HERE and why I do what I do...

We each have unique struggles, but the themes that arise are universal. It's #humanstuff and you can totally trade it in piece by piece until the drama doesn't hook you any more and all you're interested in is peaceful be~ing and inspired action.

If you need an earth angel to help you trust your own intuitive guidance as you become the YOU yearning to come through - I'm here now. As much as I love being a total hermit, I know it's time to join hands, all over the world. And I'm totally up for playing my role in ushering in the New Paradigm. It is Joy.

If you're actually ready to untangle your human knots I can guide you with precision. If we have a soul contract to work together we'll both know it.

Can't wait to meet you! <3

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Long Version

(if you're curious for the whole backstory and my qualifications)

I’d never really been convinced that becoming a human on Earth was the wisest decision.

I had a fairly normal, untraumatic childhood. However, I remember even when I was very little looking around me uncomprehendingly, feeling like I’d been dropped off on the wrong planet. There were a couple people in my life I felt safe with. The rest I thought were varying degrees of insane and not to be trusted. When I met someone I could tell whether they were “safe” or “proceed with caution” instantly.

When I met my husband at the age of 16, in the bush on the outskirts of Sydney, it was instant soul recognition. We were together within 3 days and remained so until his death 17 years later. Meeting him was such an insanely powerful hit of Connection it was like main-lining Source Energy for both of us.

With each other, we remembered who we truly were. I remember feeling strongly that this was why I had come here, and no wonder it had felt like I was twiddling my thumbs waiting until we met! In falling in love, we each believed it was the other that gave us this experience - a very forgivable but fundamental error of perception that placed the experience of Connection outside of ourselves.

The love never wore off, but our own personal human fucked-upness and the dailiness of life did creep in. Years and years of university study, very low income, babies, bills… While truly so rich in all the things that mattered, life became a bit limited and mundane for two people who were by nature free spirits in an unfree world.

We yearned to have our own land where we could raise our children connected to the Earth and in creative freedom, and to take them traveling around the world when they hit teen years so we could blow their minds.

But we never knew how to make that dream into our reality!! And so, frustration crept in. Resentment crept in. Doubt crept in. Despair crept in. Creeping poisons sapping the juice of faith, optimism and happiness.

We made the two cardinal mistakes of pursuing happiness. We placed happiness outside ourselves, each trying to make the other happy. And we placed happiness in the future, in the future circumstances we were trying to create.

For the best of reasons and with the most noble intentions we gave all our creative power away. Oh, and a third mistake - we believed we needed outside help, that we were not enough by ourselves to alter our circumstances.

His story on Earth ended in a virulent rare cancer, Awakening, and becoming our eagle spirit guide…

My story here has continued - from being on the very brink of giving up, to accepting, learning, embodying and sharing what I’ve learned about the mechanics of being happy and free: just how to live here at peace in my own skin; embodying the creative power of claiming my life as my own; living in and from the moment of Now; and Connecting with Source Energy from the only point of power I can actually possess - myself - regardless of others and of circumstances.

And in doing so, I have claimed my soul purpose, which is to be one of the agents of change on the Earth here at this time creating ripples...

~raising my personal vibration by living my life my way;

~assisting those I have soul contracts with;

~helping to create the rising tide in the collective consciousness so that as a planetary community we can go from problems to solutions;

~and raising my own children in freedom, radically separating from the mantras and limiting patterns of the society I was raised in...

Since I have accepted and claimed this my life has been increasingly joyful, empowered, magical and freedom-filled.

How does my life look now? After two years of nomadic travel being wild, spontaneous and shedding old skins, we now live on our own land surrounded by nature and beauty, off-grid, unschooling in freedom, creating online businesses and dreaming up the future that calls to us.

I am best friends with my five children and I only have loving, nourishing people in my life. I am fulfilled in my own company, and open to, but not needy of a partner. I both appreciate what I have and am continually inspired to overcome my inner obstacles to expand to the next level of freedom.

How I got from there to here

Back in the day, it was me and him against the world. Do you know that feeling? When he left the world I had to make peace with existence. I remember petulantly stomping my foot, and saying, “if I have to live, then it has to be good, really good, and I need to be reminded that it is good every day..”

That got me so far… I retrieved all the power I’d hurled into the future and lived into the Now with determination, but there came a point when I realised that compassion and self-love had to replace guilt and self-punishment if I was going to get to the next level and truly create a nourishing life... 

So I took total responsibility for my experience, and everything that came with that ride...

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My Why

Truth. Beauty. The Natural World. Personal Empowerment. Social Change. Ecological Advocacy. Inspired Action. Philanthropy...

The Shift in Collective Consciousness doesn't have one leader, it has many, many, many...

So I'm holding space for the empathic and intuitive ones who are tired of feeling like they have PTSD just from trying to live authentically in an unfree world.

I've been there, and the cost of being trapped in that place is very high. Some of us can't hack it and exit stage left..

We are the keepers of the light and we lead the way to the New Paradigm just by being self-actualised, living our own lives according to our own internal code, and following the inspiration that comes with vision and confidence.

I see us like points of light all over the globe, kindling each others' light and steadily growing brighter...


Creating ripples everywhere in the waters of… Personal Empowerment. Social Change. Ecological Advocacy. Inspired Action. Philanthropy...

I'm so glad you're here. It makes me feel ok about being here too...

More than ok, excited even...

And I don't know about you, but I get bored very easily. Being stagnant kills me.

If I'm not creating something or hatching an adventurous plan, I get twitchy.

Which means every time I achieve a new level of freedom, before long I'm intuitively ready to push my comfort zone again. If you're ready to push yours my fellow adventuress, I'm here for you.

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Why Trust Me As A Guide?

Why would you choose me to help you achieve your own personal version of freedom and impact? My desire is that you align with me because you have an intuitive YES.

The following is in service of supporting your intuition. 

I am an unusual mix of flavours.

I am strongly empathic and intuitive, yet I also have a highly analytical mind that can connect the dots in ways you may not have considered.

Do you like a little bit of edge with your sweetness and light? I have a strong streak of The Rebel and The Warrior archetype energy, yet they are in the service of Love, Truth, Beauty and Highest Good - both personal and collective, not to mention a wicked sense of humour!

My life experience has given me notches on my belt in many realms of lived-experience as well.

Also need help breaking away from the old, or the "normal"? Though I have participated in many of society’s hallowed institutions, I have left each one behind when it no longer longer served - I have the equivalent of a PhD in walking “the road less traveled” and what it takes to help you embark upon that “different” path that calls to you, even though it may attract disapproval.

Also need help in your relationships? I have been married for 17 years, a widow for 6, and a parent to five strong personalities for 19yrs... so I can speak to the ways we lose ourselves in relationships and parenting from many different angles.

Health concerns and craving mind-body-spirit work around it? I have a university degree in naturopathy and have been practicing intuitive/spiritual counselling, naturopathy and homeopathy 1:1 with clients for 18 years.

Have money issues and need a wealth coach? I’ve been steadily transforming my own relationship with money for 6 years, have helped a lot of friends do the same and dived deep into abundance work.

Have a business or contemplating one? Digital Nomad has my name written on it. I’ve been studying nothing else but the cutting edge of authentic online business creation for the past 15 months. I coached a friend with soul-work plus business strategy recently and she is going from strength to strength after being fearful and blocked.

Very choosy in who you actually trust to guide you? Me too! It’s rare I find someone who is a step ahead of me and has more insight on me than I do… but when I do it's actually so nice to allow myself to receive and be supported by a soul-sister who sees me for who I truly am and can assist me to clarity and action. So yes, I have my own chosen mentors, just as I am such a mentor for others. They hold the bigger vision for me and keep me moving forward...

Wary of newbie coaches? I’ve been doing different kinds of empowering work with people one on one since I was 11 years old teaching literacy with my mother in her office after school.

Feel vulnerable sharing your inner world? Without exception my clients feel that they can say anything to me without feeling judged, that I see them for who they truly are, that somehow I help them give themselves permission to be that person inside who is yearning to come out from the shadows and LIVE, that I help them see their own personal mazes from a heightened perspective that make the solution and the next steps to take clear.

In whatever ways you need to be inspired to go from limitation to possibility I can hold your hand while you learn to trust yourself. And I can help you get there fast with a lot more ease and grace than I did! Enough suffering already! Time to thrive… The planet needs us empowered and making ripples now.

Want to start shifting? 


same transformation


4 levels of investment


Believing in the Unlimited You, and the Wave of Revolution quietly sweeping the world...


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