Rising Up Now. Aligning with Happiness and Saving the Planet - Why It's the Same Thing...

 photo credit Eli DeFaria

photo credit Eli DeFaria

In the archetype of the wounded healer, we teach that which life has given us to learn… and its the most soulful kind of teaching, because the journey qualifies the guide to know the struggle intimately.

In my case it's been overcoming the feeling of being a reluctant incarnation to embrace simple happiness, inner peace, being in Now and being willing to be here and play the Game of Life.

The success I most desired - our own beautiful piece of land to care for, belong to, live and thrive on in beauty and organic goodness - in my mind was a place of happiness, delight, playful inspiration and that sense of internal ease where I could just BE, unmolested by society, and do stuff from a place of "want to" not "have to..." I just wanted me and mine to feel safe and happy.

I yearned for that Home, but it was not the time-space destination of my desires and goals... It was a feeling place we were chasing, the sense of arriving we thought we would have when we got there… fulfilled, sovereign and free...

But that placed our arrival outside of Now, and perpetually in the future

I made this mistake. Naively. Together with my husband we made it deeply and completely. And kinda knew that all along the way, just below the surface... but didn't know HOW to not make it... if that makes any sense...!

We yearned toward and patiently strived toward that vision for 17 years without achieving it, all the while feeling the see-saw between hope/trust & knowing and doubt/despair & frustration. It was always just out of reach, getting closer but never quite there yet... One more hoop to jump through, one more hurdle...

The oases in a desert of suppressed discontent were the moments late at night when we would let it all go and just BE… & CONNECT with each other and life… Those moments we would RELAX enough to totally appreciate and bask in the riches money can't buy that we already had.

Those moments were perfect, whole, timeless, complete… and we would refuel on them before going back into life hoping and trying again.

If I could go back in time I would shake myself by the shoulders and say: “honey, stop sapping your beautiful spirit with effort... You know those moments when you relax and just BE and your dreams feel closer? That’s because in those moments THEY ARE CLOSER. With total dedication you’re going about it all the wrong way.”

Whenever people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I enjoyed confounding them by answering “happy...” and by getting it wrong for so long, by becoming what I called in my own mind, “a serial malcontent” I finally figured it out.

I took off all the rules, unhooked from old limiting patterns and started living in Now with intuition as my guide... But not before I was brought to my knees and parted ways with my beloved for this life.

I truly think if you don't drown in the wave, experiencing personal tragedy is very helpful on the path to simple happiness, but it’s really not a requirement, and it’s certainly not desirable! As humans we’re just usually too preoccupied with trying to “get it right” to really pause and deeply appreciate until we’ve had all ego and self-image obliterated…

Having had my face rubbed firmly in the mud, and not really being into perpetual drama and suffering, I take quiet delight in assisting others out of the maze of human thought and emotion we all get turned around in, so that they can make more loving and aligned choices with clarity.

Even when I was a child I felt like the little old lady who stands at the crossroads and points the way. Later, as a homeopath I felt like I was feeling along the threads with someone until we found the knots and then I would help to untangle them.

The results - seeing the light brighten in someone’s eyes, witnessing the surge in their personal power and receiving updates as synchronicity and alignment flow them down more fulfilling life paths… is deeply satisfying to me.

I strongly believe it’s imperative for the future of our planet and all its inhabitants that humanity get its collective mojo working, like yesterday. And I believe that is coming about right now as a rising tide of awakening consciousness and higher vibration.

As each one of us becomes more personally empowered to achieve our own versions of peace, happiness and empowerment, so it ripples out to our loved ones, our communities and the causes we care about.

Even though the future of the planet seems to be on a knife edge, and the grief and fear are great… it’s also an incredibly exciting time to be alive and aligning one’s own life with the solution rather than the problem. Because while problems arise from the lower vibrations of struggle and survival… solutions are born from the higher states of fulfilment, collaboration and inspired vision.

People who are happy and at peace in themselves do not seek to destroy each other or their Earth Home. In fact they want to make life more truly abundant for their near and dear and share the love as far and wide as possible. There’s never been a more important time to make the personal choice for happiness and peace. And we've never been so connected to each other around the world as we are now either.

That’s why I’m online now anyway, and contributing my part by sharing how to use your inborn gifts to lead yourself to your own personal version of fulfilment and joy.

Does teaching this mean that I have nothing left to learn? Aaah, NO…. I’m committed to this Game of Life each and every day in an ever-expanding, even more deeply connected way. And to do that I have my own carefully chosen mentors to guide me along paths that are new to me.

It’s a beautiful upward spiral really, as thousands upon thousands of us simultaneously arise to lead and learn the ways of the New Paradigm.

Can I guide others of like mind along their path as I walk mine? YES is the definitive answer my friends and clients reply. In fact I keep a little album of screenshots of the appreciation and love they message back to me to remind me why I do this!

I’ve laughed with a number of beautiful people who can relate to feeling like they’ve been dropped off on the wrong planet missing a critical chapter of the instruction manual. After feeling so trapped by life for so long… and then spending 7 years in the proverbial wilderness... and finally learning to harness this magnificent earth suit I wear with all its inbuilt tools… I’ve taken the liberty of writing a version of that missing chapter… for the DIY everyday magic lovers out there… and called it Personal Reality Alchemy…

None of us know how long we're here for... It's time to stop believing in limitation, time to stop saving happiness and fulfilment up for the future, time to stop stop passively waiting to see what happens... and start living it now... so that we can co-create a future that's worth having...

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Love and inspiration,


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