image credit Gabriela Delgadillo

image credit Gabriela Delgadillo

Ever heard of the Indigo generation?

We are a wave of old souls who have been incarnating since the mid 1970s. Even the younger ones are coming to adulthood now. And we’re at the forefront of quiet, inexorable, implacable revolution.

Hats off to the Indigos who came through earlier in the twentieth century, preparing the way for change. They were the roundest of pegs in the squarest of holes and have been more than a little battered and bruised by life. But they did their job well, creating cracks in the hard clay pan of society where the future generation could take root. Because really, if we were still fighting for women and brown-skinned people to be able to vote, and obsessing over whether a child was born in or out of wedlock, our work now would be severely hampered…

As the old paradigm and its cultures of fear, lack, struggle and oppression are dying out, to be replaced by the new paradigm values of abundance, co-operation, support and love, the Indigos are emerging to be the leaders of our time. Not so much the old-style central-figure leaders who can be easily taken out by a sniper, but unassuming role models in every sphere of life and society. We are everywhere, like points of light all over the globe, and we are steadily growing brighter.

Cause for optimism having this flavour of person coming to strength and maturity in the world? Absolutely. But even more so when you mix empirical observation with a dash of astronomy and a half a teacup of occult & traditional wisdom that puts it in galactic context.

Our solar system has a 26 000 year orbit cycle which causes it to enter a photon band emanating from the centre every 11 000 years and transit through it for 2000 years. If you regard the solar system as a disc divided into 12 zodiacal zones representing the great ages, the 2000 year photonic periods occur in Aquarius and Leo.

On the March equinox in 1987 the Earth first touched its shoulder to this photon band, and on the December solstice in 2012 moved wholly into this higher energy zone. The Age of Aquarius is now on the menu.

Independent of Mayan and Pleiadian calendar knowledge, modern science records that in 1991 satellites detected an excess of photons being emitted by the centre of our galaxy.

The peak of Indigo souls incarnating occurred in the mid 1980s, and by this time their auras no longer required the protective sheath seen in earlier-arriving Indigos. If you do the maths, born in ‘87, by 2012 these BAM-Here-Now Cloaking-No-Longer-Required Indigos were turning 25.

Indigo souls are in their prime now, and the younger ones have the slightly older ones as guides and mentors. Interesting huh?! I find in life, there is always a bigger picture you can step into, and the more you step back the more interesting it gets. 

So what are the traits of Indigos? What is this work they are doing? And why do I love them so much?

When we were younger, we always felt different somehow, but didn’t know why. Fitting in at school was like a long purgatory

So now, having struggled with not being accepted by the crowd, with trying to fit in and failing, with having to decide to be loyal to ourselves rather than the pack… we’re so used to not fitting in, so used to being thought of as weird, so used to being happier doing our own thing rather than following the crowd, that even though we’d like it better if the opinion brigade would hold its collective tongue… We don’t really care anymore. We value our own opinion and that of a few select mentors over the bleating of the sheep.

We are highly intuitive, we have a certain something, a depth of wisdom about us that eclipses any amount of formal education, and our assessments of people and situations are usually spot-on. We see straight through lies and falsehoods.

Innately intuitive and highly intelligent, formal education is little more than learning the monkey tricks of our society in order to know it and change it. For us, it is not hallowed. It is reconnaissance. We sense who to trust and who to mistrust. We can tell the real gold from the fool’s at a glance so we know what to keep and what to discard. When it comes to networking and collaborating with people, and innovation, these are priceless skills.

When integrated and self-actualised we have an aura of the Warrior - Sage about us

To be fair, until we make peace with our inner demons we can be a little messy and a lot of trouble. Many of us even chose dysfunctional families and situations in order to deeply know what needs the pitchfork of revolution firmly stuck in it. But once we come to peace in ourselves and claim our power back watch out! There will not be a stone left unturned by the time we’re through.

We’re not into authority. Fortunately the old authority is dying out

Respect is earned. Period. We self-regulate according to our own values, which are frequently of a higher moral standard than the law. Any “authority” that cannot be blatantly disregarded can usually be dodged and weaved around. If you try and make us do something that feels really internally wrong we get really, really angry. And systems that do not offer choice, negotiation and consultation are on our target maps. We have such a finely honed sense of justice/injustice and we so naturally stand up to oppressive authority that we often wind up advocating for those who can’t.

Most hearteningly, the stalwarts of the old planet-destroying, security-focused “conservative” (exploitative) ways are literally dying out. And if it’s not from old age it’s from lifestyle/repressed emotion related diseases.

Very sweetly, if we didn't ask for your opinion, we're not interested in it..

Call it a survival mechanism, we sort of had to give up caring a long time ago. We’re just going to go ahead living in ways that feel authentic to us, creating alternative movements and news sources, inventing wonderful new clean technologies, crowd-funding inspiring things, advocating for the disadvantaged, buying organic & fair-trade, campaigning against the corporatocracy, picking up rubbish off the beach, and in general subverting the old paradigm / fostering the new paradigm... because it feels good. And we’ll make movies about stuff that you can watch for free so everyone can see what is plain to our eyes.

We see the inbuilt stupidity in most rules and so can’t follow them even when we try to fit in.

We’re not doing it to be obtuse. In fact most of us carry a seed of hurt & not belonging from our early experiences. We tried, we really did. But it’s just too [!]ed up, you can’t really take it seriously… We certainly just plain CAN'T teach it to our children...

We make such fast intuitive connections that we perceive better ways to do things and solve problems outside the box… what box?

Was there ever a time when the world needed creative solutions with such urgency?! We don’t see limitations. We certainly don’t live in little boxes and all sound just the same… In fact, we’re highly creative. In every way. Thought leaders, business leaders, educational innovators, inventors of new technologies, artists, musicians and film-makers who expose and inspire… Despite the massive efforts to suppress clean energy technology by the vested interests, solutions are pouring forth from creators. And the internet brings creators and customers together. It is not au fait accompli yet, but keep watching this space. And if you’re not a creator, get educated on what’s out there with a google or youtube search and be a customer.

Fulfilling our personal needs is more important to us than your feelings, but we’re more likely to crack your beliefs and morals than your head to get there.

The meme comes to mind… “Don’t worry about what I’m doing… worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing”

We have hair-trigger sensitivity to lies. And the biggest BS on the planet - Belief Systems. (Thankyou for that gem Shirly Joy Weiss). We just kind of disregard them.

We can get get quite angry and fill our heads with all kinds of satisfying pictures of retribution, black cat suits and strategically placed gelignite, but we’d probably go to great pains even in a fantasy to clear the building of innocents first… Sitting in strategic meditation circles psychically taking out targets is an even sexier fantasy. But we’re old souls and the karmic taint of violence is innately repellent. We’re a bit more high vibe in our methods.

We are naturally of a very high vibration, which means our true needs and desires are closely aligned to Peace and Unconditional Love.

The term Indigo was first coined because of an overlay of that colour seen in the aura. We have also been referred to as “cobalt” and “blue.” I have no idea how many different soul groups are incarnate on the earth at this time or what all their respective purposes are… but we naturally vibrate very high at the frequency of love, peace, joy and can go higher than that. Indigos all over the globe are taking long, hard looks in the mirror, dropping their baggage, making changes in their lives and embracing their freedom and creativity. The more we become ourselves, the more delightful we become and the more brilliance is released into the world. We NEED to feel inspired in order to feel good about being alive. And when we are inspired, we are inspiring. Beautiful hey?

And we’re really into each other. I laughed long when I first read that Indigos are often perceived as anti-social, unless with other Indigos. I’d wondered for years whether my true nature was social or anti-social, and with that sentence it all fell into place. We’re so used to withdrawing that to be around another (we sense each other instantly), all the repressed vivacity just bubbles up in delight.

But what this means for the world is we love collaborating and making one plus one equal three. With us, collaboration and abundance is replacing scarcity and competition. This vibe is freshly on fire in the entrepreneurial world and I’m seeing ripples of it everywhere.

We see things as One Planet, One Heart, One Love. We care deeply for Nature and for the well-being of each other. As we individually become more abundant we spill over into the causes we care about most.

Once we step into our power we are so damn charismatic without even meaning to be that everyone around us wants to share some of our light and get some of our secret sauce too.

You feel good when you hang out with us. We say things you’ve never heard before but that make so much sense. We make you feel understood and appreciated. We remind you who you truly are and what truly matters. We make you laugh and feel inspired about something you’ve been really stuck on. We give priceless advice. The spaces we create are beautiful. All of which makes other people want to stick close and have a bit rub off on them. And though that kind of freaks us out it also makes us natural leaders. The kind who don’t even realise they are until they look behind and notice all the love and loyalty they’ve unwittingly inspired.

Our soul purpose is to be these leaders but most of us forgot that somewhere along the way, especially with the pictures presented to us of a leader - there is certainly nothing about compromising yourself to fit into politics that naturally appeals to us.

When we get to lead just by being ourselves, doing what we love and sharing it though - that’s a different story. And there are many who need to follow, so it’s a natural symbiosis. Have you noticed how strong and healthy has replaced skinny and haunted as the quintessence of beauty? Have you noticed how you can take a yoga class in almost any small town now?

We start out as lone nuts, but we accidentally inspire movements and subtle but massive shifts in perception.

I know the planet is on a knife edge in so many ways, but when I see how the stage is set and how many players have shown up for their parts, I choose to believe that the New Paradigm is inevitable. Shout out to all my brothers and sisters out there who are keepers of the light & leading the way, just by being their beautiful selves...

Believing in Unlimited Possibility, and the wave of Revolution quietly sweeping the world...

Giselle Jennaway is a Soul-Purpose Catalyst & Guide with a passion for the Mindset of Freedom & the Law of Attraction:

She works with spiritually aware women who are empathic, independent and highly intelligent, with a deep desire to live into their soul’s purpose for being here, but struggle with feeling trapped, alienated, resentful and exhausted from playing roles that don’t feel authentic to them;

"I help them gain the clarity and peace they’ve been seeking and embrace the power they hold so they can experience the pleasure and freedom of finally knowing how to let go of the past, drop drama from their lives, create fulfilling work and relationships and play their part in creating a better world.”