Vibrational Alignment Coaching for Intelligent, Independent, soul-starved Women at Life's Crossroads...


are we supposed to meet?...

Are you a woman feeling you are at a crossroads in life… with a discontent hunger where deep soul-satisfaction should be? Perchance are you 27-28 or 55-56 and hitting Saturn return contemplating BIG choices? (it's surprising how many of my clients are...)

And are you also innately intelligent, fiercely independent, have always felt like you “don’t belong” and secretly spiritual but not really religious…?

Do you feel trapped in circumstances and deeply frustrated but also feel guilty for being unhappy with what you have? (Because actually you have so much) And do you crave more freedom but fear the effect you claiming it will have on others?

If so, then you are likely almost too sensitive for this world sometimes - feeling the painful gap that has opened up between your true soul self and your human self who has been straight-jacketed in order to fit in - but seriously craving Lightness, Connection and Joy.

Closing this gap and reuniting within yourself is the first essential warrioress step to a new internal freedom from external circumstances... so that you can anchor back in your sense of true Connection, fill your own cup and begin to magnetically attract soul-satisfying experiences into all aspects of your life.

Do it for You, so that you can feel good in your own skin and genuinely fall in love with your life... and the side benefits will be that your high vibe overflows to your loved ones and the causes you care about. It's the ripple-effect and its #allgood.

If you’re up for a radical pattern interrupt and earth-angel guidance to return to your peaceful, playful, powerful true nature then I'm here for you. And the path we can walk together is deeply joyful and satisfying.

Please help yourself to my free resources: The Radical Self Love 5-Day Challenge and Releasing Resistance to Change (PDF and meridian tapping audio) to get started with some pure, restorative soul-medicine right away. (Between these and my About page, you'll have a strong intuitive knowing whether I'm a YES for you.)

And if you are ready to invest a little of your time in exploring how you can reclaim your sovereignty and transform your world, click below to schedule a complimentary call to explore working together. I currently have 4 spaces open in my Saturn Return 1:1 coaching program and single sessions available also, so please be bold and get in touch.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and being your catalyst for clarity and direction... 

Giselle xo