ILLUMINATE Intensive Sessions

 artist unknown

artist unknown

The story you energise creates your reality:

Your human self gets caught in a repeating pattern (distortion);

Your soul self has never lost sight of your Truth;

Your alignment (of your two perspectives) is the Light and the Way to the most empowered, fulfilled, peaceful & playful version of you.


Break free from old patterns

shift into a higher vibrational gear

feel empowered to take inspired action towards your visions

create a new personal reality

Choose this if:

  • You have a SINGLE ISSUE you want to knock out of the park and you're not sure about committing to weekly coaching at the moment, OR
  • You're pretty good at sorting out your own stuff already but you'd like skilled assistance with a central issue you're struggling with so that you can shift it fast. 


What's included:

  • a virtual meeting of 2-3 hours typically:
    • 90 mins to really deep dive into where you're at and where you want to be;
    • coffee break;
    • 20 mins for me to guide you through your unique tapping practice [that takes you from struggle to breakthrough to flow] illuminated by our conversation;
    • followed by us creating your inspired action plan to move forward with. This is a plan that I help you create, but it comes from your desires and feels good to you.
    • calls recorded for you to listen back to later;
  • your inspired action plan and supportive (EFT) meridian tapping practice emailed to you after our session;
  • bonus GIFT of my core process Personal Reality Alchemy to use forevermore;
  • WhatsApp support for two weeks after your session.
  • 30 minute follow-up call 3 weeks after your session.
  • option to upgrade to 6-month 1:1 coaching after your follow-up call


  • Your investment options: 
    • Single payment: AU$1500
    • 2-pay: 2 x monthly payments of AU$800
    • 4-pay: 4 x monthly payments of AU$450
  • AU$1000 DISCOUNT for single pay in Bitcoin or Etherium
    • YES, I can help you do that!


Want to hop on the phone with me to be sure we're a good client-coach fit?


I don't need the Clarity Call, I'm very clear I want to work with you

This will take you to my calendar. Please email me ( if you need a special time slot to make it work. 

Love and Delight,