Are you an Indigo soul? Can you find yourself in these words?


We are 

highly INTELLIGENT, & easily bored... STRONG WILLED, INDEPENDENT... anti-AUTHORITY & anti-HIERARCHY, CREATIVE, ARTISTIC... INTUITIVE / PSYCHIC / EMPATHIC... introverted, isolated, misunderstood... with a DEEP DESIRE TO HEAL THE WORLD... TRUE FRIENDS feel like SOUL FAMILY... we have a love of NATURE & ANIMALS... we are OLD SOULS, (the most recent wave born from the mid 1970s on...) with a distinct indigo hue in our auras to those who can see... We came to ROCK THE WORLD by day, overhauling archaic systems... by night we are STAR TRAVELLERS returning HOME for rejuvenation.


We desire

CLEAN AIR over pollution, CLEAN WATER over befoulment, fresh local PERMACULTURE-driven ORGANIC / biodynamic FOOD over broad-acre impoverished GMO crops... CLEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES over fossil fuels... EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM over inculcation... MIND-BODY-SPIRIT and preferably NATURE-BASED MEDICINE over pharmaceutical suppression... CANNABIS and cannabinoid medicine legalised... EGALITARIAN POLITICS over corporatocracy... BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES over oppression and exploitation... PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS - environmentally and socially over ridiculous imaginary fear-based divisions and the blinded choices of greed... CHILDREN RESPECTED & consulted, not kept in the dark and fed bullshit like mushrooms.


Indigo MO

Life needs to feel like an adventure - enough familiarity for comfort, but enough newness to constantly stretch our comfort zone. WE NEED TO TAKE LEAPS OF FAITH IN ORDER TO DEVELOP FAITH IN HAVING FAITH. Pull fear out at the roots. FEAR AND CAUTION are not same-same. Learning to listen for the inner YES and NO is paramount. LEARNING TO FEEL WHEN YOU'VE GOT A PATTERN HAPPENING AND TURNING DOWN THE VOLUME IS A SKILL WE GET BETTER AT WITH PRACTICE. Learning how to shift your attention to what you desire is a skill we get better at with practice. TURNING DOWN THE RESISTANCE TURNS UP THE JOY. Flow your energy through channels rather than blockages. WRONG WAY GO BACK! We PAY attention to things, where are you SPENDING your energy? BE LIKE WATER, CEASELESSLY SEEK FLOW. Flow around blockages, if you dam you're gonna bust. FIND YOUR WARRIOR NATURE IN THE ELEMENT WATER: FLOW, INSPIRATION, CREATIVITY, SPONTANEITY, INTUITION, CHANGING STATE, CYCLICAL, ALWAYS MOVING. Stagnation is your danger zone. Beware routine, repetition, predictability. ACHIEVE BALANCE BY STRENGTHENING THE WEAKER ENERGY, NOT SUPPRESSING THE DOMINANT. We need to do fun stuff every day or risk being sucked dry. STAY ALERT, STAY MINDFUL, KEEP CHOOSING YOUR REALITY, don't get sucked down into the collective unconscious. WE ARE INFINITE, & WE LIKE TO BE IN CONNECTION WITH THE INFINITE, at the cutting edge of discovery. INSPIRED ACTION IS SUCH A BUZZ, but without inspiration we'd rather go back to bed, we're not PRESENT. TIME LOOPS - we heal the past and open up the future - we open up the future and release the past - WE THRIVE IN NOW, with LOTS of daydreaming... (shhhh, that's how we CREATE). We're in TIME LOOPS with people, events, themes... to weave new patterns we need to pull out a few threads. WE SENSE THE WEAVING. We are the weavers. IN SILENCE WE DECLARE WHAT OUR LIVES WILL BE AND SO IT BECOMES. What are you declaring? FIND YOUR INNER MUSIC, THAT GROOVE THAT IS YOU, & play it play it play it. Come back to yourself through MUSIC, Come back to yourself through LAUGHTER, Come back to yourself through FUN. Go BAREFOOT in NATURE. Discover your LIGHT & SHINE IT. CHOOSE in EVERY MOMENT. COMMIT to Yourself, COMMIT to Delight, COMMIT to following your True Desires. COMMIT to LIFE and LIFE will commit to YOU. WE KNOW WHEN THEY'RE LYING. What is this AUTHORITY anyway? I NEVER GRANTED ANYONE AUTHORITY OVER ME. Respect is earned. LOOK IN MY EYES, show me TRUTH & INTEGRITY, then we'll talk. I FEEL THEREFORE I AM. So tired of dumbing myself down here. YOU EXPECT ME TO SWALLOW THAT? I took the RED PILL. Chill out. I'M DOING IT MY WAY. Watch this Space. WHATEVER. We're highly psychic, spiritually gifted, made of stardust and light AND WE'VE COME TO FLIP THE PLANET, from the inside, one soul at a time. CHOOSE to see that which is INSPIRING rather than the flaws. CHOOSE to see the BEAUTY. I and I the Rasta say, do you know what that truly means? CHOOSE to see INFINITE POSSIBILITY in the UNKNOWN. FEAR only to repeat the past. CHOOSE to find the PERFECTION. Replace FEAR with CURIOSITY and discover your own WONDERLAND.

emBody and Envision (BE-) the CHANGE you Wish to See in the World. 


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. - Nietzsche