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mini-course: ebook/workbook & audio


Know which thoughts to believe;

Know when you're getting emotionally hooked by old patterns;

Know how to get unhooked and redesign your reality.



"the intelligence in this is mind-blowing"

Sonia Simms, Private Client, Fiduciary & Trust Specialist Lawyer


"I feel like I got a healing just reading this"

Kylie Slavik, CEO Success Stories LLC


I'm delighted you are curious enough to explore here...

Hey! Have you made the choice to start reclaiming your personal power that you've accidentally given away for the best of reasons? We all seem to do that until we get so exhausted and resentful from caring about everybody but ourselves that we wake up one day and say "I'm done, enough of that shit..."           But then what??

If you are an empathic, passionate, intelligent and independent woman feeling TRAPPED in your present circumstances, heavy in heart and soul and like what you really want is impossible... you're in the right place.

I believe knowledge is for sharing, especially empowering knowledge... and that we are on a rising tide together. My "secret sauce" that I have shared with friends and clients is now available to you in this ebook / workbook / audio format, deliberately priced to make it a no-brainer for you to invest in yourself and your well~being.

If you remember feeling light, energised and connected to your dreams and you want that feeling back, badly, let me guide you to use your own Knowing to get back there. (Hint: it's an energetic place not a time-space location)

In Personal Reality Alchemy I will share with you how to:

  • Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to align your thinking with highest truth in a way that feels internally real for you, (rather than repeating positive affirmations that just feel like wishful thinking);
  • Use the Scale of Human Consciousness to know where you're at vibrationally by default and realign with where you choose to be (so that you can stop struggling and start flowing);
  • Use Meridian Tapping (EFT) to embody and shift the awareness you receive from using these two scales, so that you can stop reacting to personal triggers and create new fields of attraction for yourself, (so that you can create situations you like instead of situations you hate);
  • Deliberately use EFT and Future Pulling to align yourself with the future moment of Now you wish to manifest (instead of aligning by default with the outcome you fear).


Personal Reality Alchemy is my own intuitive blend of EFT (meridian tapping), The Scale of Consciousness, channeled wisdom, quantum physics and the Law of Attraction. Using these techniques has taken my life from feeling like a punishment, to feeling like a game I know how to play. You can play as a beginner or you can become a master but you need to know HOW. Everyone I have shared this with knows how now and it's working for them too. Click the button below to purchase your copy.

Actually invaluable, but yours for (AU) $97

because I've been a poor uni student and a single mama for a long time and I want this wisdom that allows you to take back power over your internal reality to be affordable no matter what your budget, while still giving you the gift of investing in yourself and your personal fulfilment. (That's very deliberate New Paradigm leadership - abundance & support - replacing old paradigm greed and lack mentality <3)


(coverart by Gabriela Delgadillo, click here to view her work)