With my academic background and all the papers I've handed in at uni, it's almost impossible for me not to provide references... However this is a general bibliography, you're not going to get page numbers.

I'd also like to note that it is my experience that no matter how well written an article is, no matter how well or poorly referenced, it is on you to use your inner faculties to feel whether it resonates with higher truth. My academic experience has cemented my wry, cynical view that you can write ANYTHING and find notable evidence to back it up. It's a big game where well-supported specious writing can seem superior to less-referenced occult wisdom and yet may be less illuminating. Especially when someone is financing it. With my BS radar ON, I still prefer to remain open and curious rather than judge precipitously.

I have consumed much and put it through my own filter. Not everything I link I resonated with 100%, but if it's here, I took value from it. The links below you can follow, however the random articles that have come past my eyeballs, the conversations and epiphanies that equally inform my view are not so traceable. This list is by no means exhaustive. However in general, what I list calibrates above 500 on the scale of consciousness, and only authors who have overcome fear and moved into the realm vibrationally above unconditional love have influenced me.

My desire is to INSPIRE, to feed your hunger for nourishment and I fully expect you to find your own resonance with Truth. It's a vibrational place, not a fixed thing, and it's relative to where you're at... Enjoy!

If you message me with sources you find extraordinary I will add them to this page under another heading. 


Ask and It is Given by Jerry & Esther Hicks

Emmanuel's Book I, II, III by Pat Rodegast

Power vs Force by David Hawkins

1.The Pleiadian Agenda & 2.The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand-Clow

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle