Mini-intensive Personal Revolution Breakthrough Session

Inner freedom, happiness & possibility...

Are you an innately powerful and intuitive woman, but you're feeling frustratingly limited, powerless and trapped?

Do you begin each New Year with bright visions of changes you desire to bring into your life?

And does that bright, fresh energy give way to old patterns and habits after a little while, leaving you feeling defeated and stuck right back where you were before?

Despite awareness and the best of intentions, it's really easy to fall back into old ways... because no matter what we reach for with our conscious minds, it's the sub-conscious patterns from our past, our ancestors and our culture that really run the game.

It's still the New Year, and it's not too late to shift gear... There is the possibility of fresh change with every breath...

I'm inviting you to a breakthrough where together we get the goods on the story you are energetically bound to, the story that's keeping you stuck, and deliberately re-weave that energy into a new story that will truly support, enhance and empower your experience of life

Imagine being guided through that frustrating and confusing landscape, to make that real shift inside that changes the whole playing field. In the past you've tried so hard... but trying, is really just code for putting a lot of energy into something and eventually failing. You don't have to quietly struggle through that alone, screaming on the inside...

If you're one of my kind bright, passionate, creative, sensitive, intuitive soul, I'm making personal nourishing support available to you at a price that's easy to say yes to.

My heart and soul focused 100% on catalysing your personal breakthrough in a mini-intensive session.

Curious what's possible for you? Let's talk.



"Before working with Giselle I was terrified of expanding my little home chocolate business and putting myself out there to be seen. I had dared enough to dream about how I would like my business to look, but I always got stumped when it came to taking the next step and selling my chocolates to a broader market. This left me feeling frustrated, powerless, anxious and resigned, keeping me small and only selling to a limited number of clientele. After just one session with Giselle the insights and possibilities that opened up were so expanding and freeing that I started to look at my business in a new way. She helped me to see the value of my time, helped me reconnect with my heart and my sense of purpose, gave me techniques to help shift related fears, as well as practical steps that that allowed me to get in action and realise it's not as hard as I thought. I've gone from thinking I can't distribute my chocolates to Perth (500km away from home), to finding a refrigerated courier who can care for and transport them. Something I thought was impossible actually became so easy. I went from not knowing how to take the next step, from feeling overwhelmed, lost and daunted, to having a very clear pathway that allows me to experience myself as powerful, in action, successful and feeling life flow. My experience with Giselle is that she is so in tune, I wondered if she was psychic!!! I'd recommend a Breakthrough Call with Giselle if you want to break through the thoughts and fears that act as barriers to your goals, and be spurred into action to get results and make your heart's desires a reality."

                         - Jane Sawicki, Jane's Addiction Chocolates  

Chinese New Year Celebration Offer

$360 (60% off)

                Chinese New Year Special Offer during February, 2016

              Chinese New Year Special Offer during February, 2016

In this session we will:

  • Get a clear vision of the area you desire transformation in...
  • Identify what's holding you back, especially the bind spots we all have on our own stuff... 
  • Create a plan you feel really good about with action steps and a powerful daily mindset practice you will love doing...

"Before working with Giselle I was stuck in a very old thought pattern that wasn't serving me. Because of that I felt trapped and was almost catatonic with misery. After working with Giselle I had an amazing breakthrough and I feel much lighter and able to function on a day to day basis. I feel as though my reality has shifted substantially. I am eating better, doing more exercise and focused on my goals. I would recommend a Breakthrough Session to anyone who is feeling a bit lost and weighed down from life's challenges. Having follow-up support was also so helpful as we were able to move onto the next layer. Thankyou Giselle, you are wonderful."                                                                              - Simone Tenne


"Thank you for a beautiful, uplifting and enlightening soul-searching day yesterday. VERY much appreciated, perfect timing and a brilliant mentor <3 <3 <3"                                                                                -Sharon Zealand, Oil Free Seas