You, Me, an Internet connection, (and maybe Buckwheat)...


after 1 session, Jane shifted out of anxiety & frustration, reconnected with her heart & sense of purpose and got powerfully into action 


"Before working with Giselle I was terrified of expanding my little home chocolate business and putting myself out there to be seen.

I had dared enough to dream about how I would like my business to look, but I always got stumped when it came to taking the next step and selling my chocolates to a broader market. This left me feeling frustrated, powerless, anxious and resigned, keeping me small and only selling to a limited number of clientele.

After just one session with Giselle the insights and possibilities that opened up were so expanding and freeing that I started to look at my business in a new way. She helped me to see the value of my time, helped me reconnect with my heart and my sense of purpose, gave me techniques to help shift related fears, as well as practical steps that that allowed me to get in action and realise it's not as hard as I thought. 

Something I thought was impossible actually became so easy. I went from not knowing how to take the next step, from feeling overwhelmed, lost and daunted, to having a very clear pathway that allows me to experience myself as powerful, in action, successful and feeling life flow.

My experience with Giselle is that she is so in tune, I wondered if she was psychic!!! I'd recommend coaching with Giselle if you want to break through the thoughts and fears that act as barriers to your goals, and be spurred into action to get results and make your heart's desires a reality."

                         - Jane Sawicki, Jane's Addiction Chocolates  


in 1 session, simone shifted from feeling heavy and trapped to much lighter and in creative inspiration


"Before working with Giselle I was stuck in a very old thought pattern that wasn't serving me. Because of that I felt trapped and was almost catatonic with misery.

After working with Giselle I had an amazing breakthrough and I feel much lighter and able to function on a day to day basis. I feel as though my reality has shifted substantially. I am eating better, doing more exercise and focused on my goals. I would recommend Giselle's coaching to anyone who is feeling a bit lost and weighed down from life's challenges. Having follow-up support was also so helpful as we were able to move onto the next layer. Thankyou Giselle, you are wonderful."                                                                           - Simone Tenne, founder of Wandering Misfits


sharon learned some practical ways to take the world less personally so she can get on with protecting the southern ocean more powerfully


"Thank you for a beautiful, uplifting and enlightening soul-searching day yesterday. VERY much appreciated, perfect timing and a brilliant mentor <3 <3 <3"      -Sharon Zealand, Oil Free Seas                          


after 1 session amy stopped hiding online and started sharing her brilliance on periscope & her new radio show

I met Giselle just over a year ago and her energy was so strong, bright and magnetising that I couldn't help but be drawn to her and connect with her.

We became friends instantaneously and in that moment I knew I had met a Guardian Angel!

Her ability to see directly to the heart of the matter and to help me navigate choppy waters, whilst reprogramming and realigning my own energy and focus, so as to set sail in new directions is incredible. She's on point every single time. I feel divinely guided by her presence, wisdom and insights.

She's a real diamond and I'm extremely grateful that she crossed my path; for her guidance is warm, earthy, grounded, open-hearted and brilliant.      - Amy Hackett-Jones   High-Performance Coach, Life Strategist


lila reconnected with her vibrant desire for life and started waking up with a smile on her face.


In one call, Giselle helped me transform my relationship with desire - I really didn't give myself permission to want anything, not a new dress or a new car, so creating things in my life was literally by miracles and they trickled in.

See 21 years ago, I decided to shut down desire. Then, about 18 months ago I began to play with the idea of opening to desire again, but the stream was a trickle. Well, after our session I started feeling like "I'd LOVE to have that. We should do that! Let's go there!" I found myself not only waking up in the morning with a smile on my face (instead of groaning that I had to "adult" that day) but feeling DESIRE for things, experiences, people.

Giselle also gave me a new relationship with EFT. Our session was magical and created serious flow in my life.     - Lila Simmons Bold-Life Activist and Healing Artist  


Eve became aware of how powerful she is and now has the skills to radically transform her experience.


I feel rather blessed for so many reasons. Firstly for the relationship with my soulmate - the father of my child and for my beautiful daughter. Secondly, for all of my shit that came to the fore during our relationship and through my experience of motherhood in the first two and a bit years. And lastly, for having Giselle there for me as my go to when I wasn't sure I could cope with what was coming up.

The great thing about soulmates is they can trigger us so severely that it begs us to look at our stuff. During this time I was also dealing with sleep deprivation. That in itself is intense so to put it mildly I was barely surviving.

I had become anxious, depressed (at times wishing myself off the planet). I felt hopeless and even apathetic. I had a certain level of consciousness to want to pull myself out of the story and not point the finger at everyone around me, and see that what I was experiencing was an opportunity for growth. I mean its not like what I was feeling was new to me, the story, the emotions around it have been there my whole life.

This time though being a mama meant that I couldn't run away or numb myself with wine, weed or any other distractions. Besides I wanted so badly to change for me and my daughter.

Anytime I called Giselle she'd answer with the most loving and welcoming tone. And she'd offer me her undivided attention. Not bad for someone with five kids. She'd ask - 'ok, whats going on'? I'd share. She'd respond - 'want a reframe'? Ah, already I'd feel relief.

Giselle also introduced me to Meridian Tapping which I now can effectively use on myself with radical outcomes.

Sometimes she'd just offer a question to ask myself and to meditate on it. Then I would use Tapping on what I'd discover. Whatever it was that I shared with Giselle I was always given a tool to work with. I always left the conversation feeling more uplifted, hopeful, empowered.

I now had the ability to transform my own fears and limiting beliefs. And I felt loved and supported. As I sit here in my kitchen, I am now aware of how powerful I am. And I choose to love and honour myself daily.

Life is rich, I'm surrounded by people who inspire me and I see so many possibilities. Giselle continues to offer me love, encouragement, and pearls of wisdom constantly.

When I hear friends share with me their struggles I instantly think of Giselle and think 'My God' if only everyone had someone like her. So with that I want to say, she's emerged from her cave and she's there if you are ready to move forward. Thank you my darling friend. You are a blessing, an inspiration and I love you. xxxxx