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"I regret investing in myself with that epic, life-changing decision..."                                                                  ~said no-one ever...

Same transformation, different levels of nurture, support & access to me


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I'm a Vibrational Alignment Coach

I help you become aware of what energy you are sending out... and then deliberately fine-tune your frequency so that you actually become a match for what you want to experience.

Without judgement, only compassion for all you've lived through - we draw on all your varied experiences to deliberately attract what you TRULY desire into your life, and clear the way for it to stay.

I'm also a catalyst

Your job is to bring your frustrations, your desires and your freewill to invite change.

My job is to speed up your evolution and self-actualisation.

My expertise is in intuitively catalysing the process of HOW to bring your true soul desires into your lived reality.

Together we find and alter the energetic patterns that keep you feeling trapped. 

When we both show up willing and curious, it is my experience that what is needed comes through... and by using the techniques I teach you and learning to trust your own intuitive wisdom, the power over your experience comes back into your own hands.

I have done this with many soul-family clients and it is pure delight every time.

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Ways to speak with me

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Coaching Clarity Call

A free and non-committal 60min call with me to explore whether we are a good client-coach fit for a 90 day or 6 month coaching package. (If you're interested in the intensive session please book a 20 min assessment call.)

Free 20min Assessment

If you have a struggle you've been going round in circles with, hit me up for a free 20min assessment call where we will assess your situation from an energetic viewpoint and reframe the way you're perceiving it - so that you can decide what to do from a fresh perspective. 

Earth Angel Call

A "Help Now" call you can schedule if you are a past client or have purchased Personal Reality Alchemy and know my guidance is in alignment with your needs. Click the pic above for details.

alchemy call

This is a one-off coaching call for women who have already invested at the Indigo level (Personal Reality Alchemy) and want a little extra support. This is part of the Indigo DIY coaching services.